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This is a special offering of "Boreal Brookie" printed in large-scale (24" x 32") and framed with a Canadian-made black wood floater frame. This piece is part of Becca's 2022 solo show at the On the Avenue Artisan Gallery in Prince Albert, SK (Aug. 3rd - 31st). 




Boreal Brookie was inspired by a male Brook Trout caught in a small spring-fed lake in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan, Canada. During the fall, adult Brook Trout take on beautiful spawning colours. Males in particular, develop brilliant reds and oranges. A deep forest green background sets the stage for this brilliant brookie. Originally digitally painted, and the Giclee printed on to canvas and framed with a Canadian-made black wooden floater frame.


Boreal Brookie Framed (Show special)

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