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This is a special offering of "Geikie" printed in large-scale (24" x 36") and framed with a Canadian-made black wood floater frame. This piece is part of Becca's 2022 solo show at the On the Avenue Artisan Gallery in Prince Albert, SK (Aug. 3rd - 31st). 




Geikie was inspired by the Northern Pike of Saskatchewan, and more specifically, the Geikie River. Here, the tea-coloured water is reflected in the colours of the fish. Pike are the top predators in this system and can be found lurking in the shallows, in the shade of vegetation, awaiting prey to ambush. It is not uncommon for these pike to exceed 45" in length. Originally painted digitally and then Giclee printed on to canvas and framed with a Canadian-made black wooden floater frame. Geikie prints are part of a limited edition run (100 total), with the print at this being number 13. 



Geikie Framed (Show special)

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