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This is a special offering of "Underdog" printed at medium scale (16" x 24") on gallery-wrapped canvas. This piece is part of Becca's 2022 solo show at the On the Avenue Artisan Gallery in Prince Albert, SK (Aug. 3rd - 31st). 




Underdog is a realistic illustration of one of the biggest underdogs of the freshwater fish world - the burbot. The Burbot (Lota lota) is unlike any freshwater species you know. In fact, their appearance and behaviours have striking similarities to their marine cod cousins. For years the Burbot was underappreciated by anglers, and villanized, due to its unusual eel-like appearance and myths about its purpose and edibility. They even earned the name "dogfish" for many decades. Anglers have since come to their senses, and now understand that the Burbot is an integral component of coldwater foodwebs they still inhabit. They have also become a popular sportfish species and continue to gain admiration from anglers. Originally digitally painted, and then Giclee printed on to canvas.



Underdog (Show Special)

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