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Solo Show

Aug. 3- 31 On the Avenue Artisan Gallery

1101 Central Ave. Prince Albert, SK.

Meet the artist: Aug. 20th from 2 - 4 pm

I am so excited to announce that my work will be on display at the On the Avenue Artisan Gallery in during the month of August. 

Please scroll down for more details and instructions on how to purchase artwork.


Hope to see you there! 

What to expect

This show will feature most of my digital painting collection of over 30 unique pieces. This show provides an exciting opportunity to view my work in person, and see it as a full collection!


Due to the nature of my digital work, there are no "original" pieces available, instead, there are high-quality prints of the digital original. I have taken great care to make the pieces at the show truly unique by including Canadian-made frames & matting for most pieces.


In addition, I have printed most prints at extremely large scales! I have ALWAYS envisioned my work being large-scale, and this is my opportunity to show you what I had in mind!

Follow along!

Follow me on @ByBeccaPerry for updates!

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What else can I see? 

On the Avenue Artisan Gallery is a must-see gallery for local Saskatchewan art. During your visit, you will be able to peruse art by various talented potters, sculptors, painters and so much more!


My hope is that my show benefits all the artists involved with this gallery. 

Missed out on something? 

I may be able to produce something similar to what you saw in the show! Visit my main shop or contact me to inquire.

How to purchase

All pieces will be for sale beginning Aug 3rd. All purchases will be done online through my website. Therefore you do not need to be there in person to snag a piece! Each item will have a QR code posted beside it which will take you to an online purchasing platform. Alternatively, scroll down on this page to view all works and select the one you are interested in. Once a piece is sold, the gallery will mark it as sold (as well as online), and you will be able to pick up your artwork at the end of the show (after Aug. 31st). If you cannot make it to the show in person and require shipping, please send me an email at to arrange to ship. Show prices do not include the cost of shipping

Can't make it? 

You can still purchase show pieces through the links below. Please contact me for shipping! 

Shop the show

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